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Ladder Safety

Vigil antislip ladder rung covers eliminate the risk of slipping from ladders by increasing and roughening the surface of the rungs.

Furthermore, they increase the friction coefficient and visibility. Various weather influences, contamination and even viscous or corrosive liquids do not diminish the anti-slip properties of the ladder rung cover or the lifecycle of the product in any way.

Vigil Antislip ladder rung covers are manufactured with a square, tubular or custom profile to suit any diameter or cross section. Standard lengths vary from 200mm for foot only protection through to 450mm.

Ladder rung covers are manufactured in light industrial grade to ensure antislip protection without being too abrasive so as to damage bare hands. The safety yellow colour offers excellent visual highlighting and they can simply be fastened with adhesive, self tappers or pop rivets. As ladders are often low-use, Vigil Antislip

Ladder rungcovers are usually expected to last the life of your project.

Ladder Rung Covers tubular

Ladder Rung Covers tubular

Ladder Rung Covers square

Ladder Rung Covers square

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