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Commercial Solutions

Every client demands a different approach, and Vigil Antislip’s Commercial Solution is the answer for Retail, Offices, Kitchens, entertainment venues and public places. Our highly experienced team will work with you to create stairnosings and ramp and walkway safety solutions that meet your needs – Guaranteed to perform for more than ten years!

“If you need to keep your customers, staff and contractors safe on stairways, ramps and walkways, you need Vigil Antislip.”

Next to the standard Vigil antislip stair- and bullmnosings we also provide Commercial Stair Treads:

Ideal for interior or exterior use, our commercial Stair Tread range is available in a range of colours on an anodized brass or aluminium extruded base, and they are quickly, easily and permanently installed.

Stair Treads are available in two profiles; Traditional or Ramped, in up to 6 metre lengths cut to size. The coloured Vinyl insert is available loose for mechanical installation or already stuck in for installation using adhesive.

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