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Installation Ladder Rung Covers

Installation Procedures Ladder Rungs


  1. Ensure ladder rungs are clean and free of loose paint and corrosion. If there is any rust, chip off, convert the residue with rust converter and clean with a solvent.
  2. Remove Ladder Rung Covers from pack and ensure that the bonding surface (Colorbond steel) is clean and free of dust, etc.
  3. Insert a cartridge of Sikaflex 291 into a cartridge gun and screw the nozzle on to the cartridge.
  4. Cut approximately 25mm from the end of the nozzle leaving a hole of about 6mm diameter.
  5. Apply a generous bead of adhesive along each internal corner of each Ladder Rung Cover so that they are about one quarter filled. Do not apply adhesive to more than 20 Ladder Rung Covers at a time.
  6. Starting with the top ladder rung, place a Ladder Rung Cover over it and while swivelling it back and forth, apply downward pressure until adhesive oozes out each end.
  7. Ensure that the top surface is horizontal, and clean the adhesive from each end if required.
  8. Wipe over the second top ladder rung with a solvent soaked rag and repeat procedures 6 and 7.
  9. When completed do not use the ladder for 6 hours.

Please Note:

  • Tubular profile Ladder Rung Covers can be installed by welding, pop rivets or self tappers as well, however, gluing is the most effective and can be done without hot work permits, etc.
  • Please ensure that caution is taken whilst climbing ladders and appropriate safety clothing is worn.

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