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Installation Metal Deck

Installation Procedures Metal Deck

Open Grille / Grating (Saddle Assemblies)

Metal Deck may be installed with (stainless steel if needed) Saddle Assemblies the same as it is installed with galvanised Saddle Assemblies or as follows with one person. This is also the method to install Metal Deck where access under the grating is not possible.

Tools: Variable speed drill (electric, pneumatic or battery).
P-3 driver for drill.
1/4″ High speed steel drill bits.
Steel rule.
Centre punch.
Artline pen or similar.
Safety Clothing: Safety glasses.
Ear muffs.
Safety boots.
Fasteners:  Saddle Assemblies. (Part No: 12-210).
Consisting of :
1 pce M6x50mm Pan Head, Phillips drive S/S metal thread.
1 pce S/S universal saddle.
1 pce S/S 6mm Nyloc locking nut. (Optional).


  1. Insert the P-3 driver into the drill chuck and tighten.
  2. Lay the sheets of Metal Deck in the desired positions ensuring that gaps are equal and the walkway or ramp is completely protected.
  3. Mark the correct position for the holes on the surface of each sheet of Metal Deck. The optimum position for holes is centrally between the transverse and longditudinal grating bars. Try to mark the surface so that the holes will be more than 40mm from any edges of the Metal Deck.
  4. Mark the top surface of the grating along the edges of each piece of Metal Deck so they can be returned to the same place after drilling.
  5. Turn each sheet over and mark the underside with a number and an arrow so that the correct sheet is returned to the correct position, facing the correct way after drilling.
  6. Measure the distance of each mark from the edges and, using these measurements, make reciprocal marks on the underside of the Metal Deck.
  7. Using the hammer and centre punch, make an indent on the marks which are or the underside of each sheet.
  8. Drill 1/4″ holes using the indents to direct the drill bit. Always drill from the underside through to the antislip surface.
  9. Insert the metal threads into the recently drilled holes so that the head is on the antislip side.
  10. Screw the pre-threaded saddles on to the metal threads protruding from the underside of the Metal Deck. (3 – 4 turns will suffice).
  11. Return the Metal Deck to the original positions and swivel each saddle around until they fit through the holes in the grating.
  12. When all saddles of the first sheet are through the grating and the sheet is in its original position, stand on the Metal Deck and insert the P-3 driver (on the drill) into the head of one of the metal threads.
  13. Reach some fingers through the grating and rotate the saddle 90 degrees so that it will lock up under the grating.
  14. While holding the saddle in this position, activate the drill and slowly tighten the metal thread into the saddle.
  15. Continue tightening the metal thread until the saddle assembly and corner of Metal Deck are secure. (Approx. 5ft/lb).
  16. Repeat procedures 12-15 for the other metal thread / threads on the first sheet of Metal Deck and continue onto the next sheet.

Please Note :

To avoid any accidents, block traffic flow through areas being worked on.

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