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Installation Vinyl Deck

Installation Procedures Vinyl Deck

Tools: 2 litre containers (open plastic).
Cotton rags.
Acetone or similar solvent.
25mm masking tape.
Mixing sticks.
3mm notch trowel.
Stanley knife.
Safety Clothing: Safety glasses.
Rubber gloves.
Adhesives: Gripit 3810,2 part sealant adhesive.


  1. Thoroughly clean the floor where the Vinyl Deck is to installed with acetone soaked rags.
  2. Wipe over the back of the Vinyl Deck with an acetone soaked rag.
  3. Lay the Vinyl Deck on the floor in the desired position.
  4. Apply masking tape to the floor as close to all edges of the Vinyl Deck as allowable.
  5. Remove the Vinyl Deck from the floor and lay it upside-down elsewhere.
  6. Pour approximately one litre of paste and a proportional amount of powder into the mixing container, (1 litre : 2 square metres approx.).
  7. Using a mixing stick, thoroughly mix the paste with the powder for approximately 5 minutes. Spread any lumps of powder.
  8. Pour a proportion of adhesive onto the floor where the Vinyl Deck is to be installed.
  9. Using a figure 8 motion with the trowel, spread the adhesive evenly over the floor taking care to cover up to the tape.
  10. After a section is trowelled, butt one edge of the appropriate sheet of Vinyl Deck in the desired position while lifting the opposing edge up from the floor.
  11. Slowly lower the raised edge while gently patting the Vinyl Deck onto the floor from the opposite end.
  12. When the whole sheet is in place, apply pressure (not too much) to the edges to ensure that the adhesive covers the floor to the edges of the Vinyl Deck.
  13. Remove the tape from the edges.
  14. After approximately one hour, run a Stanley knife around the edge of the Vinyl Deck and remove any excess adhesive.
  15. Ensure the Vinyl Deck is not touched or wet for eight hours.

Please Note:

  • When uncured, adhesive is water soluble. If cured use acetone to clean tools.

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