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The maintenance of the Vigil Antislip elements is quite easy. You can clean the elements with water (and soap) if neccesary.

Because of the extreme hardness and chemical resistance of Vigil Antislip, cleaning can be effected with high pressure steam or water, degreasers, detergents and/or solvents. Stubborn soilage can be removed with a stiff deck broom. If solvents have been used, hose off with water at your earliest convenience. Do not use scrapers or wire brushes.

If desired we can present a chemical resistance list, upon your request.

Never install Stairnosings on only a portion of a stairway, as a change of conditions is more dangerous than overall poor conditions. Ensure that Stair Nosings are installed correctly as loose stairnosings can be dangerous. If using electric or pneumatic tools to install, ensure that appropriate safety glasses and ear protection are worn.



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