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As innovators and pioneers in the safety industry, it is important that we lead by example. The manufacturing of all the products of Vigil Antislip takes place in Australia. It is possible to manufacture custom made products.

Our production manuals contain the QA/QC requirements for every process. As a basic rule, every production team member acts as a buyer and a seller. When a process is completed, the person who conducted that process becomes the internal seller of the product to that stage. It is then passed on to the next person in the production process – the internal buyer – who checks all specifications, etc. to ensure the previous process was carried out in accordance with requirements. The product continues through the production process that way, being rigorously checked by the ‘internal buyer’ at every stage. Every process is also signed off by the operator on the Job Card. This ensures quality is maintained and checked throughout all processes rather than just at the packaging stage. All raw materials are checked upon receipt, resins are tested for hardness and so on.

The Vigil Antislip and Haagh Protection team is always available to discuss your needs, and create a custom solution for your safety needs. Contact us to determine how we can help your works remain safer for the long term, even in the most challenging areas.


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