Vigil Deckmark

Set ''Use Handrail'' for top and bottom of Stairs

Vigil Deckmark is used in situations were extra safety is needed.

For example we are able to deliver our Vigil antislip elements with extra Text or markings. This to improve safety even more in, for examples, directing emergency exits or a obligatory use of handrails on stairs.

Vigil Antislip Deck Mark is designed to provide fleeing workers with a clearly visible non-slip pathway, usually with diagonal striping to indicate a hazard, or with directional and other markings that aid in safe escape.

All Deck Mark products exhibit exactly the same non-slip properties as other Vigil Antislip products, and are available in the same standard sizes and dimensions as the Vigil Antislip Stair Nosing, Metal Deck, Vinyl Deck and Ladder Rung ranges, in commercial, industrial and offshore grades!

In any workplace where the fast, safe retreat of personnel can save lives, Vigil Antislip Deck Mark is absolutely indispensable!!


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