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Vigil Stairnosings constructed on grated stairs


Last week we constructed dozens of Vigil Anti-slip elements in the Rotterdam area on diverse industrial grated stairs in the harbour. In two days time we installed these (predrilled) stairnosings to make several stairways save to use again. Vigil Antislip is your most cost effective insurance against the deaths, injuries and trauma that accompany workplace accidents attributed to slips,…

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New Luminescent Antislip: Vigil Deck Light

Anti-slip DeckLight

In a natural disaster, terrorist attack or accident such as a high rise fire, speed of evacuation is crucial to survival – lost footing or disorientation due to reduced visibility can block exits and increase casualties. Deck Light or Luminescent Vigil Anti-slip gives escaping people clear pathways at ground level – where it is needed – to follow in…

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